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Zelio 1100 + RC15000 120 Ah - 36* months - warranty Tubular Battery

Product Description & Item Details

Luminous Zelio is India's most intelligent sine wave home ups with features such as Power back up time display in Hours & Minutes, Hassle Free water level maintenance, MCB protection. The Combo comes with 120 Ah tubular batteries which is ideal solution for 2 BHK home. It is the best selling combo of Luminous across all Indian Cities.

Item Details

Brand Luminous Zelio
Capacity Inverter - 900 VA, Battery - 120 Ah
Running Load Combination 2 CFL, 2 Tube light, 2 Ceiling Fan, 1 Television, 1 Water Cooler
Standard Backup 2 - 3 hours
TechnologyInverter Sine Wave, Battery Tubular plates
Warranty Inverter - 24 months, Battery 18+18* months
Weight Inverter - 7 Kg
Operating Voltage 110 V - 285 V
Battery Full Recharge Time 10-12 hours
Protections Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Reverse polarity, Input mains protection through MCB
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