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Rapid 1650 + ILTT 24060 180 Ah - 60* months warranty Tubular Battery

Product Description & Item Details

Luminous Rapid Charge 1650 is one of the best buy Inverter if you are leaving in Apartments, Villas in Capital and Metro city of India. The Home UPS runs heavy power loads such as steam iron, Room heater, immersion rod, rice cooker, Toaster etc. along with Led lights and Ceiling Fans. The Unique feature of this inverter is that you can add additional 1 battery if in future if power cut goes beyond 2-4 hours or you want more back up.

Item Details

Brand Luminous Rapid Charge
CapacityInverter 1500 VA, Battery 180 Ah
Running Load Combination 5 led and Tube lights, 4 Ceiling Fan, 2 Television, 1 computer
Standard Backup 5 - 8 hours
TechnologyInverter Square Wave, Battery Tubular plates
WarrantyInverter 24 months, Battery 36+12* months
Weight Inverter 20 Kg,
Operating Voltage 100 V 290 V
Battery Full Recharge Time 10-12 hours
Protections Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Reverse polarity
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